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Services -> програмування -> Customizing
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Our hydraulic presses are manufactured in accordance with German machine guidelines, as well as European machine guidelines (Directive 2006/42 / EG), the EC standards and EU safety regulations. Furthermore, our presses exceed the Canadian and European safety requirements, as they correspond in all points to the national Brazilian safety guideline NR 12, which is based on this. Our great strength is special machine construction and press automation. We sell tailor-made hydraulic presses, press brakes and guillotine shears at surprisingly low prices.
Components from leading European manufacturers are predominantly used for the press hydraulics.
Numerous presses from us are already in use in Germany and the rest of Europe to the satisfaction of our customers. Our customers also include the largest South American companies, e.g. from the automotive and petroleum industries.
We manufacture hydraulic presses according to your specifications in various designs: spotting presses, double-column presses, single-column presses (C-column presses), column presses, workshop presses, powder presses. In addition to hydraulic presses, we also offer press brakes and guillotine shears.
We also offer the complete service from machine relocation to safety checks, hazard assessments, overrun control or press modernization. Tailor-made solutions are our standard as we believe the key to success lies in our ability and flexibility to provide a solution to our customers' needs.


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Hertener Strasse 108
45892 Gelsenkirchen
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Werner Scholten


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